2 Inch Stainless Linear
Motion System

We do not believe any company has ever manufactured a completely
stainless 2" linear system before. LM76 did it from Scratch!

The system above required the following:

  •  Special 2" Adjustable, Open 300 Series Stainless Pillow Blocks
  •  2" 440c Stainless Open Linear Ball Bearings
  •  440c Stainless Shafting
  •  Special 300 Series Stainless Continuous Shaft Supports

Our customer is a world-renowned manufacturer of all stainless systems that process  nuclear medicines. Since these systems are radioactive, all management of the system must be accomplished remotely. During the process, materials move from section to section through stainless steel doors which slide on LM76 all stainless linear bearings and shafting. We have provided 1/2", 3/4", 1" and now 2" linear components. According to LM76's Mike Quinn, "Due to limited volume, many companies would not take this challenge because of set-up vs. quantity and the shear difficulty of making the 300 series stainless supports. The cost would be prohibitive. Often after taking a machining pass, you have to re-straighten the support. It is extremely difficult and time consuming."  This is just another
example of:

                                        LM76 = Problem Solved