Defender 1 and Defender 2
Economy Nitride Coated
Rail Linear Guides

  • Carriage Plate Bright Zinc Finished Steel
  • Corrosion Resistant Nitride Coated Rails
  •  Rail Lengths uo to 4000 mm ( 157")
  • Three Roller Block

LAN Cam Roller Guides

Defender 1 & Defender 2 Economy
Rail with Roller Block
Defender 1 and 2 Economy
Roller Systems offer the following:
  • Low Friction
  • Corrosion Resistant Nitride Coated Steel Rail
  • Bright Zinc Finish Syeel Carriage Block
  • 52100 Bearing Syeel Rollers - Sealed Lubed for life
  • Lubrication - Mineral Oil
  • Adjustable Preload - Eccentric Roller
  • Easy to install

      Defender 1

        Defender 2

P/N  A
LM26-3 30  N/A  80
LM2-3 23 120 135

Optimal Mounting Orientation

Ordering P/N Example:
Defender 1 Economy Defender 2 Economy
LM26-3  3 Roller Block
  LMR1NP x 400mm  Rail  
LM2-3 Roller Block
LM2NP x 400mm

Part Number Series
Description End
Load Cap.
Load Cap.
Load Cap.
Load Cap.
Material Net
LM26-3 1 3 Roller Slider Assembly No 800 180 400 90 Zinc Plated Steel 95
LM2-3 2 3 Roller Slider Assembly No 1600 360 800 180 Zinc Plated Steel 430

Rail Mounting Fasteners M5-ISO 7380

        Tightening Torque: 7Nm
The preload adjustment is accomplished through the slider's center eccentric roller. After inserting the slider into the rail, the preload is set by adjusting the center roller against the opposite raceway using 2 Allen keys. This adjustment must be made before mounting since 1 Allen key must pass through a rail mounting hole into the axel of the center roller. ( see illustration). During adjustment of the eccentric roller, it is necessary to keep the mounting screw ( in the slider body ) a tight until contact with the opposing raceway. After light contact of the eccentric roller, the Allen key behind the rail will be held firm while the mounting screw is tightened. Move the slider along the whole rail to ensure smooth movement without clearance. If the slider is found to be too tight or has some clearance in places, readjust to suit.

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