JET Rail

Linear Ball Bearing
Higher loads
3/4" Jet Rail Pillow Block
Dynamic Load = 1200 Lbs.

Moderate  loads
3/4" Ball Bearing Pillow Block
Dynamic Load = 470 lbs.

25 Feet Per Second
10 Feet Per Second
Sealed for life rollers Balls open to contaminants when seal is torn or
Repair kit enables you
to replace rollers and rebuild
bearing block in the field
Throw away
Rolls over debris and has a
scraper option to clear roller pathway

Entraps debris and fails,
scoring shaft.
Balls can fall out.
  • Low noise, smooth linear motion.
  • Minimal resonant energy passed
    back to system

    Great for camera stands and moving stage platforms where speed, load capability and quiet
    operation is paramount.
Noisy - "zings" down the shaft Transmits vibration into shafting. Poor choice for
optics and vibration sensitive equipment
Fixed and Adjustable floating blocks for shaft misalignment

No adjustments for side-to-side misalignment