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RC60 1060 Steel
Linear Shafting

Note: Most competitive, most commonly
inventoried shafting material

Standard linear shafting is made from 1060 steel which
is case hardened to a surface hardness of Rockwell 60 hardness. This is the best choice for applications which employ rolling element bearings: linear ball bearings or roller type bearings i.e.,
Teflon Composite, Linear Ball Bearings or our Jet Rail Bearings. RC60 will oxidize and rust. Thus, lubricated bearings keep RC60
shafting protected. Keep this in mind when using a dry running bearing.
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Chrome Plated 1060
Steel Linear Shafting
Chrome Plated 1060 steel is an option when the system experiences washdown/chemicals or is employed with
non-abrasive, self lubricating bearings like our Minuteman Self Lubricating Bearing. Fluidline linear bearings. Chrome Plated
linear shafting is also used in applications that require a
decorative finish. It is more expensive than standard
RC60 but only slightly - approx: 10-15%
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440C Stainless
Linear Shafting
This is a high carbon martensitic ( increased chromium
and carbon to improve toughness and corrosion resistance ) stainless with moderate corrosion resistance good strength and the ability to obtain and keep excellent hardness (Rc55) and wear resistance. This grade supports rolling element bearings which
require a hardened shaft. *Because this stainless alloy
has carbon added to it, it will oxidize in washdown applications. It is allowed by many inspectors when rolling element bearings are absolutely necessary. However, 300 series stainless steel is preferable.
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Washdown/Chemicals ?


300 Series Stainless
Linear Shafting
303, 304, 316

Note: 300 Stainless alloys are almost
twice the weight of standard 1060 steel shafting.
This has design implications where weight is
a factor.
Austenitic stainless steels, because of their high
chromium and nickel content, are the most corrosion
resistant of the stainless group providing excellent
mechanical properties. They cannot be hardened and are
not magnetic. All LM76 Minteman Self Lubricating
bearings ( Minuteman and FDA grades ) employ no
abrasive fillers. Thus, they are totally compatible with soft 300 series stainless steels - the most corrosion resistant grades.
300 series stainless grades: 303, 304 and 316 are the best choice in washdown/marine and applications where
materials cannot be magnetic. 316 stainless is the hardest of
this family and the most corrosion resistant. It is commonly employed in naval applications.
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Ceramic Coated
Aluminum Shafting
Ceramic Coated Aluminum linear shafting is manufactured
from T6061 extruded aluminum. The extrusion is ceramic coated
to make it a lightweight, corrosion resistant shafting option. This shafting is not an option for systems which experience high loads, impact or long spans which may see a high degree of defection. Although the ceramic coating offers a RC60 plus hardness, it is not suitable for use with linear ball bearings. If the shaft is totally coated( no bare aluminum ) it is FDA/USDA compliant and is
extremely tolerant of washdown and chemicals
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Nitronic 50
Linear Shafting

Note: Expensive
Primary Elements: Nitronic 50 Stainless Steel is composed of between 20 and 23 percent Chromium, 11 to 13 percent Nickel,
4 to 6 percent Manganese, and 1.5 to 3 percent Molybdenum,
with the balance being Iron. Also found in Nitronic 50 are trace amounts of Carbon, Silicon, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, Columbium and Vanadium.

Features: Nitronic 50 Stainless Steel is an austenitic
stainless steel with a blend of strength and corrosion resistance that is better than Stainless Steel 316, 316L, 317 and 317L. In fact, Nitronic 50 has about double the yield strength at room temperature compared to Stainless Steel 316/316L and
317/317L. Additionally, Nitronic 50 Stainless Steel has good mechanical properties at elevated and sub-zero temperatures. Another characteristic of Nitronic 50 is that it does not
become magnetic even when severely cold worked -
unlike many other austenitic stainless steels.
Another advantage of using Nitronic 50 Stainless Steel
is its outstanding corrosion resistance in harsh
environments, especially in marine applications.

As noted previously, Nitronic 50 is much stronger than
Stainless Steel 316/316L and 317/317L; however, the same fabrication equipment and procedures used for the Stainless
Steel 300 grades can be utilized for Nitronic 50. In addition,
the same cooling techniques used for Stainless Steel
316/316L and 317/317L can be utilized for Nitronic 50.
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Glass filled


Protective Coatings

Pickel Brine
  Added Lubricity. The unique nature of the Armoloy�
  TDC  process will enhance the lubricity of your Armoloy�
  coated rails. This added lubricity is especially important in
  applications requiring minimum to no lubricating agents
  being present in the processing line. Increased Corrosion
Armoloy� will improve the corrosion resistance
of standard linear rails in most chemical or water
  environments to be comparable to or exceed that of
  440C stainless steel.
Armoloy� coating also has the added
  benefit of longer wear life than stainless steel due to its
  higher surface hardness (78Rc) and immediate cost savings
  realized from the use of non-stainless rails. Armoloy� is
  applied with a .0001/.0002" deposit per side, eliminating the
  problem with major size/tolerance clearances. Armoloy�
  will create an absolute bond to your linear rail that will not
  chip, flake, or peel in field applications. Armoloy� is also
  FDA-USDA approved
for use without concern in food
  and medical processing applications and is being used in
  many applications where adverse conditions prevail.
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