Whisper-Light FDA Approved Carriage Block

Launched from the hugely successful Whisper Slide product line, LM76 is now offering our WSP 1 and 2 linear system with our new FDA/Washdown plastic carriage plate. The carriage plate is less than 1/2 the weight of the standard aluminum, pillow block version.
MAX PV Max PSI Max Velocity Coefficient of Friction Operating Temp
4000 1200 550 SFM .014 - 460 to 180 F
Test System with Pneumatic Actuator Test System Layout Whisper-Lite Slide Mounted Under Carriage Plate
Test Fixture Results:
WSP 2 System
Load 30 Pounds
Speed: 1" Per Second
Motion: Oscillating
200,000 Strokes
Wear - Negligible

To provide a positive mounting to the carriage plate we have inserted 4) 1/4-20 300 Series Stainless Steel PEM Inserts.
WSP1 and 2 LT carriage plates both have the hand lock option. P/N WSP1(2)-LT-HL