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Jet Rail Carriage Lock

According to the company, all metal construction and a unique center locking feature make the Linear Carriage Lock a durable product that will provide years of dependable service.  The lock centers itself evenly onto the shaft and there is no undue pressure placed on the bearing when locking to the shaft.  When the thumb wheel is tightened, brass inserts contact the shaft from both sides to prevent marring and abrasions.  Most other designs tighten from one side only, putting pressure against the opposite side of the bearing, pulling it against the shaft and possibly damaging the shaft or bearing.

Jet Rail Pillow Block Options



Scraper Option: This option clears a path through contaminants for the top roller. Made of spring-tempered phosphor bronze
to push contaminants aside. Pillow blocks must be machined for this option.




Floating Option: The floating option provides a solution to shafting that is not parallel.


Top Grease Option: Offered to enhance the travel life of the bearings when speed or contaminants are reducing the grease life.


Rebuild Kits: Roller Bearing Pillow Blocks may be rebuilt to add to the long term cost savings .

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