LM76 offers food process, pharmaceutical, packaging machinery and medical
equipment engineers 3 off-the-shelf,
FDA/USDA compliant linear
bearing options.

Stainless Bearings   Stainless Shafting
Stainless Slides    Stainless Systems

Stainless Steel/Self Lubricating,
FDA/USDA Linear Bearings

Stainless Steel Pillow Blocks

Our first option has a 304 stainless steel shell
which features our FDA/USDA complaint
PTFE, self lubricating liner. Available in
closed & open configurations from
1/4" ID - 1.5" ID

This is a natural with our 304 SS Shafting

FDA Sizes

LM76 is the only supplier we know of who
supplies 303 stainless steel pillow blocks.
Standard configurations which are drop-ins.

FluidLine FDA/USDA/3A Dairy
FluidLine Linear Motion Bearings is a self-lubricating,
low friction, lightweight, low wear material
is excellent in applications which
require FDA, USDA and 3A compliance.


See FDA Fluidline Bearings Video

FDA/USDA Compliant
Ceramic Coated Shell
Self Lube Liner

Our second option has a ceramic coated
shell ( FDA/USDA compliant ) coupled with our
FDA/USDA compliant self lubricating liner. This
style is less expensive and 1/4 the weight of our
stainless shell. Available in closed & open
configurations from 1/4" ID - 1.5" ID. Direct
drop-in replacement for all inch
linear ball bearings.
 This is a natural with our ceramic coated
aluminum shafting.


Slide Rail

Slide Rail

Our third option is our Slide Rail
Bearings™. Rail and block are
ceramic coated while the block employs our
FDA/USDA compliant, self lubricating liner.
Slide Rail Bearings and Slides are
dimensioned in inch, not metric.


Window Washing Fluid System



See FDA Fluidline Bearings Video


Trust your food process applications to LM76.

No single company has as many answers
for your linear needs when it comes to
compliance, design features, washdown
survivability or 24/7 durability.

Washdown Rated Linear Bearings

Washdown Rated Linear Slides

Washdown Rated Linear Shafting


Meat Processing
385 SFM
Load: 350 lbs with Moment
Operation: 3 shifts 7 week
Wash Down

Reason for LM76:This system is constantly moving and is routinely washed down with
corrosives. System requires FDA/USDA Compliancy.This system has operated for 1 year
and has only required the replacement of journal bearings for the acme screw. System is constructed with 300 series stainless steel and is self lubricating.

PSI PV SFM Shaft Recommendations Coefficient
of Friction
1000 10,000 400  300 series stainless
Ceramic Coated Aluminum
Tolerance: Class L
See LM76 Shafting
.12 - .20



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  • FDA/USDA Compliant
  • Self-Lubricating
  • Washdown Compatible
  • Direct Food Contact
  • Stainless or Ceramic Coated Shell ( both FDA/USDA acceptable )
  • Off-the-Shelf Shipping

    Did you know that LM76 is the one of nation's largest supplier of 300 stainless steel shafting?
    Call today for quote! 1-800-513-3163


LM76 Linear Motion Bearings are your best choice for fruit juice filling & packaging lines. Dried-up fruit juice  adheres
to shafting and freezes rolling element bearings in their tracks! This results in ball cage failure, shaft brinelling
( grooving ) and dreaded downtime. Replace your costly Stainless Steel linear ball bearings 
with a less expensive, proven performer. Did you know that the majority of all  hamburger patties
supplied to major fast food franchises worldwide are made on equipment that employs LM76 linear
motion bearings. LM76 is your first choice for slaughtering, shaping, slicing, portioning,
stuffing and packaging!