WDX Mini Slide

Standard End Blocks incorporate 300 SS Inserts
which mount from underneath to inhibit debris and
fluid collection

Round end blocks inhibit debris inclusion and fluid collection. Pass through, open design allows for complete cleaning/evacuation after use.

WDX Slider Blocks employ 300SS PEM Inserts
for secure mounting.

MAX PV Max PSI Max Velocity Coefficient of Friction Operating Temp
4000 1200 50 SFM .14 - 460 to + 180

The WDX Mini Slide a low profile, Ultra-Light, FDA/Washdown slide for low load applications ( 1-3 pounds )

Food Process
Magnetic Sensitive Equipment
Naval Instrumentation

WDX Mini Slide is availble with 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" Shaft sizes. Please call for more information:

Mike Quinn - LM76 - 1-800-513-3163

The WDX all-weather, ocean going Mini Slide is an excellent slider for small HD Video Cameras